Order Assembly and Fulfillment Service by Camrett Logistics

At Camrett Logistics, we take pride in offering a comprehensive order assembly and fulfillment services that optimize your supply chain and ensures timely delivery of products to your valued customers. With our 25 years of experience in providing 3PL services, we understand the critical role efficient order assembly and fulfillment play in enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business success.

Why Choose Camrett for Order Assembly and Fulfillment?

Streamlined Processes: Our highly trained personnel and smart technology work in harmony to ensure seamless order assembly and fulfillment, reducing lead times and improving overall operational efficiency.

Flexible Solutions: Whether you require single item order fulfillment or complex multi-product order assembly, we have the expertiae and resources to handle various order sizes and complexities.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery: We pride ourselves on our JIT processes, which allow us to pick, pack and ship orders promptly, meeting tight deadlines and exceeding customer expectations.

Accuracy and Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality control measures guarantee that every order is accurately assembled and meticulously checked for completeness and accuracy before it leaves our facility.

Diverse Fulfillment Options: From small parcel shipping through trusted carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, to truckload and LTL services, we offer a range of fulfillment options to suit your specific shipping requirements.


Our Order Assembly and Fulfillment Process

Order Processing:

As soon as we receive your order, our system initiates the assembly process. Our advanced technology ensures quick and efficient order processing.

Picking and Packing

Our trained staff carefully pick the products from the inventory and expertly pack them to minimize any damage during transit and ensure safe delivery.

Labeling and Tracking

Each order is accurately labeled and assigned a tracking number, enabling real-time tracking from the moment it leaves our facility to its destination.


We work with reputable carriers to ensure timely and secure delivery of your orders, be it to end consumers or retail locations.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you and provide prompt solutions to any inquiries or issues that may arise.

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